12 Teeth Anti-Skid Crampons Manganese Steel Climbing Gear

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High duty manganese steel, with vacuum heat treatment and tempering process, featured with great hardness and toughness, which increase traction when walking and climbing in the snow to reduce risk of falling down.

Adjustable length fit for shoes: US 6-13.5 /  CN 36-46.
High duty manganese steel spikes, strong, tough, and corrosion-resistant.
12 spikes, 1.5in long,  can dig into varieties terrain, firm and safe.
TPU straps is highly flexible and won't snap.
Nylon binding fits for most shoes and boots.
Nice ice gripper for snow climbing, ski mountaineering, glacier hiking and etc.
Material: Manganese steel + TPU 
Fit for shoes: CN 36-46 / US 6-13.5
Spike length: 4cm / 1.5in 
Package weight: 1kg / 2.2lb
Packing List:
1 * Pair of Ice Gripper 
1 * Storage Pouch