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Professional Swimming Goggles

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  • Features:
  • Name:swimming earplugs/Swim Glasses ear plugs swimming
  • Frame Material: Silicone Gender: Men Women Adults
  • Color: Multi-Sport Type: Swim
  • Lenses Material: Polycarbonate
  • Lens Width: 4.5cm color: black+blue+gray+sky blue
  • Package Included:
  • 1 x Swim Goggles(with earplugs)
  • Notes​
  • 1. Please wash the goggle gently in clean water after use, shake off water-drops, and then dry the goggle with a drier.
  • 2. Please keep the goggle in a dry place, for a better and longer vapor-free life.
  • 3. Don't wipe the lenses with a towel, which may hurt the lenses.
  • 4. Please keep the goggle away from the heat or hot water, which may deform the goggle.
  • 5. Please allow only sight motions with your facial muscles while wearing the goggle, or the water may leak in.
  • 6. Please adjust properly the nose bridge and the strap before getting into the water.
  • 7. Please stop using the goggle if it causes discomfort to your eyes.
  • 8. Please tear protective film inside and outside when using.