Outdoor Climbing Rope

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Made of high strength polyester yarn, strong, durable, and wear-resistant.  

The core of the rope is made of Polypropylene, which is easy to carry. 

With firmness hooks on the end, provide you safety and a reliable environment. 

High-end machine sewing, tightly woven, thick knit. 

High tensile strength, low coefficient of friction. 

There has a protective case at the end of the sewing button, which can protect the rope from cracking. 





Material: Polyester reinforcing wires 

Color: Blue, Red, White, Green, Orange, Black, Yellow 

Diameter: 6MM , 8MM 

Length: 10 meters(32ft), 20 meters(64ft); 30 meters(94ft) 

Use: Mountaineering, Rock climbing, Rescue, High-altitude work, Engineering  protection, exploration, relief work

Package Included:

1 Climbing Rope+ 1 hooks