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Exercises Resistance Bands

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11pc Resistance Bands Set - 150lb Description


Item: 11 Fitness tension ropes set

Size: 10lbs, 20lbs, 30lbs, 40lbs, 50lbs

Material: Natural latex material

Gender: Men and women

Occasions: Indoor and outdoor

Arm training

Back training

Leg training

Arm and Chest Training

★ Vertical stretching the resistance bands can help you to train the muscle of your arms and increase your arm strength. Horizontal stretching the resistance bands is helpful for you to train and shape your chest muscle

Back Training

★ Back exercises with resistance bands can not only provide symmetry between the front and back sides of your body but can also prevent rounded shoulders, keep away from neck and shoulder pain

Leg Training

★ Leg exercises can enhance heart and lungs function, strengthen crureus and muscle, stretch ligament of leg effectively, promote the growth of ossature, and then is beneficial to be taller

Door Anchor

Handles and Door Anchor

★ Our handles: Compared with other handles:Using high-quality and recycled plastic, non-slip, comfortable and indeformable foam handles

★ Our Door Anchor:Compared with other door anchors, Large and thicken, durable and non-slip foam door anchor, which can protect the door frame, don't worry about door frame wear and tear

★ Can be used to exercise legs and butt glute/leg training toning your chest abs biceps triceps and thighs to improve strength and mobility, help all muscle groups train effectively

★ High-quality foam hand shank and buckle fits for the ergonomics design, has good slip-resistant, softness, moisture absorption, and strong grip

★ Using fitness tension rope can beautify muscle lines and Outlines, increase muscle stereo feeling, and aesthetic feeling. Besides, it's beneficial to exercising the arm muscle and tighten the muscle

★ Be useful when you are doing yoga, Pilates, warming up before sport, strength training, enhancing all aspects of health - need to recover or increase the strength in a muscle