Horse Riding Helmet

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Product Description

Color: Black 

Material: Velvet

Net weight: About 600g

Size range : 54 cm - 60 cm

The helmet you have purchased is one of the lightest,best ventilated and most comfortable helmets available.It is designed to reduce the harmful effects of an impact to the covered part to the head. No helmet can prevent all types of head injuries.But by fully reading this manual and acquainting yourself with proper helmet fit,care and features,you can reduce the chance of injury during an impact. Specification For head circumference 54-60 cm(Manual measurement,there may be an error of 1-2 centimeters).Head circumference is adjustable,please select correct head size before ordering. Elegant appearance, fastidious material and excellent quality Suitable for beginners Made of suede-like materials

1. This helmet is not designed for motor sports use.

2. This helmet is not designed for multiple impact use. The impact can cause unseen damage to the helmet. Return for replacement after an accident, or destroy helmet and replace.

3. Fasten all retention straps securely.

4. Follow proper head circumference recommendations. Use correct pad configuration for a proper fit. If a proper fit cannot be achieved, do not wear a helmet.

5. Do not modify the helmet or its attachments. 

6. Use only mild soap, water, and non-abrasive cloth to clean the shell, pads, and retention system. The use of organic chemicals and cleaning solvents can cause unseen damage to the helmet. 

7. Helmets may be damaged if exposed to temperatures exceeding 130 degrees Celsius (dark gear bags or auto storage temperatures can exceed 180 degrees Celsius on hot summer days). Heat damage is not covered under our warranty.

8. For use by persons who can comfortably support the helmet weight. When used for toddlers, consult your doctor for a safety evaluation.

9. This helmet provides no protection to parts of the body it does not cover directly.

10. Helmets should not be exposed to or stored near volatile chemicals as acids, solvents, pool chemicals, paints, paint thinners, fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides.(Storing near any of these solvents can destroy the strapping of the helmet.)